DOT Physicals: Are you up to date on all the recent changes?

What is a Department of Transportation (DOT) Physical?

All commercial drivers who operate under a CDL (Commercial Drivers’ License) are required by federal law to have a physical exam completed every two years by a certified medical examiner. Due to the high demands placed on commercial drivers, the exam is designed to detect any physical, emotional or medical issues that may prevent you from operating a commercial vehicle safely.

How can I get a DOT Physical Completed?

New guidelines since May 2014 state that only Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) certified examiners who are on the National Registry can complete this physical for you. Your local UrgentWay clinic has National Registry FMCSA certified examiners on staff who can complete this for you, but you can also use the link below to locate other examiners. Note that aside from physicians, FMCSA certified Nurse Practitioners, Chiropractors, and Physician Assistants are also allowed to complete your exam but you will need to check specific requirements of your state as not all states accept exams completed by other medical professionals. Continue Reading


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