Why Your Child’s Sports Physical is So Important – August 25, 2016

Kids Sports Physical Activity

What Is a Sports Physical?

In order to determine if it’s safe for your child to participate in a particular sport, they must undergo a sports physical, also known as a preparticipation physical examination (PPE). Most states in the US now require that young children and teens have a sports physical before they can participate in a new sports season. But even if a PPE isn’t required in your state, your pediatrician will most likely recommend getting one.

There are two main parts to the sports physical:

1) Medical History

The doctor will want to obtain a full medical history of your child. To do this, he or she will need to ask a series of questions. They will most likely ask: Continue…!


Author: Nathan Bradshaw

Nathan Bradshaw is an expert marketer who specializes in promoting and growing physician practices. He currently works with UrgentWay to help improve their online footprint and garner interest in their Urgent Care, Occupational Health and Health Services.

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