How to Select a Clinic for Immigration Medical Exam?

Immigrants applying for a U.S. visa must schedule and attended medical examinations before their interview dates. The medical examination services should be provided by a physician who is authorized by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to conduct such examination tests ( The completion of medical examinations after the visa interviews may lead to delayed processing of the visa until the medical examinations are received by the U.S. Embassy. For that reason, applicants who need their visa to be completed within the shortest time possible are required and encouraged to complete their Immigration medical examinations before attending the visa interviews.

There are various examinations that are done as part of the visa application process. Medical examinations involve reviewing the medical history of the applicant for any potential complications (U.S. Department of State-Bureau of Consular Affairs, 2016). The tests also involve a physical examination of the applicant’s well-being. Physical examination includes the inspection of diverse body parts such as the eyes, nose, external genitalia, skin, ears and the throat. Internal organs like the heart, lymph nodes, and the abdomen are also examined. Blood tests and X-rays are also part of the examination process. Once the process is done, the physician hand over the results to the applicant in hard copy to present them during the visa interview. The physician can also decide to send the results directly to the Consulate or the U.S. Embassy. Continue Reading


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