Reducing Heart Attack Chances

Coronary illness is the number 1 cause of death in United States, stroke is number 5. Risk of heart disease is affected by many factors including being overweight, malnutrition, smoking cigarettes, stress, high blood pressure, and lack of physical activity. Prevention measures and treatments can reduce the risk of heart disease, and your lifestyle choices are your best means of protection against coronary illness and stroke. A healthy lifestyle includes any and everything that helps maintain a strong and healthy heart; some major examples are outlined below.

Quit Smoking:

This is one of the best steps you can take to lower your chances of heart problems. One in every five deaths in the United States each year are due to smoking. Cigarettes are a leading cause of cardiovascular disease, often leading to heart attack and stroke. It doubles your chances of having a heart attack and increases the likelihood of death by 70 percent. The bottom line is that if smoking was to be banned, risk of heart attack and stroke would be reduced by 50 percent. Continue Reading


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